The Universe is Messing With All Of Us

Is it scary to think we have total control, or is it more scary to think we never did?

Scarlett Gray
2 min readMay 18, 2020


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I love the idea that this universe is messing with all of us.

Why you went here instead of there because going there would have meant a run-in with someone you did not need to see, or the night you went out even though you didn’t want to and end up meeting the person you spend the rest of your life with.

Life is often scary because of the idea that we have total control over it. Thoughts like, “What am I going to do next? Where am I going to move? What job do I want? Who am I going to marry? Am I ever going to marry? How many kids do I want?” Endless indecision paralyzing us all with the fear of making the wrong one but…

What if the entire time the joke has been on us?

I have had coincidences in my life that did not seem possible. They seemed almost eerie. Choices I almost didn’t make (or did) that drastically changed huge aspects of my life. Things I decided to do that caused me to see people for who they are. Things that did not work out because something better was about to take its place.

What if the universe truly does have a plan for all of us, and we are just going through the motions of a life well-planned?

That our specific life is meant for us… every heartbreak, every breakdown to the point we can’t breathe and every moment that takes our breath away was made for us, individually, to experience. That karma will run its course and patience is necessary. That in the end we all get what we deserve, but it never hurts to pick and choose to surround ourselves with positive people and never look back.

I like to think I have control, but I find more comfort in the beauty of fate. That I never had a say in the lessons I learn through people I never specifically chose to meet. That was never up to me, but what is, is how I choose to respond to it all.

The only real thing we can control is who we are and how we treat people — everything else, is messing with us.


Scarlett Gray / May 18, 2020



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