Cheating Isn’t Attractive

Cheating is more than just betrayal in a relationship, it’s a disintegration of the trust she will struggle to have with everyone after you.

Scarlett Gray
2 min readMay 18, 2020


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While your phone was blowing up and I felt that pit in my stomach that it was a girl who loved you, you choose to lie.

“It’s nothing, it’s not important.”

A girl you have been with for over 2 years was not important? A girl who cared enough to blow up your phone, or knew she should because of how little she trusted you was not important?

When you texted me the entire next day, just to tell me as night fell that you couldn’t talk to me anymore.

“I have a girlfriend and I should have told you last night.”

No, because then you couldn’t have cheated and that was what you wanted. You wanted what you wanted in that moment.

“It was nice to meet you, you’re a very nice girl.”

This line coming from a guy who can lie to my face and cheat on his girlfriend all in one night. I wholeheartedly do not care about your opinion of me — positive or otherwise.

“I’m sorry. I am never like that.”

Cheating is selfish. There is a title for the actions that people who cheat want to commit, it’s called being single.

Personally, being with someone who is trustworthy and makes me happy as hell sounds much better than any bar fling.

It’s too bad you couldn’t see that. It’s too bad she saw that with you.


Scarlett Gray / May 18, 2020



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